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Getting the appropriate compensation matters

Compensation matters

The acquisition process for a number of the State Governments key new rail station sites has begun in earnest for the new Sydney Metro City and Southwest rail line.

Hones Lawyers are currently acting for a number of (soon to be) dispossessed landowners and lease holders. Thus far the compensation being offered falls well short of appropriate compensation – in some case not even including any allowance for disturbance costs or down turn in business because of having to relocate.

Getting the appropriate compensation matters – it can be, and often is, is a question of life and death for a business – in many cases even more so for a small family operated business.

When an organisation the size of the State Government knocks on your door and tells you they are purchasing your property at a certain price, most individuals feel confused as well as significant stress and pressure. While selling your property to the government may be impossible to avoid, the level of compensation for your property asset is not necessarily fixed per the government offer.

Unfortunately a simple negotiation is rarely successful in these State Government property acquisitions and legal representation is necessary. To fight such cases, Hones Lawyers have over the years, put together teams of some of Sydney’s best consultants in the sphere of land compensation and compulsory acquisitions. Our teams are solely focussed on gaining fair compensation for our clients and normally includes some of the best barristers, valuers, town planner and business loss analysts in the country.

It is going to be an interesting time ahead as there seem to be many unhappy landowners and lease holders contacting us at Hones Lawyers already. Contact us if you are soon to be dispossessed and would like to discuss your options.