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5 reasons you should see a lawyer

5 Reasons You Should See a Lawyer

For a big percentage of people, when they think about lawyers they instantly link them to problems.  But if you’ve got a development project in the pipeline then early engagement with your legal team could add even more value to your bottom line.

If you predicted that most people would rate the enjoyment factor of a visit to a solicitor’s office at about the same level as a trip to the dentist then you’d be on a pretty safe bet!

A glance into our waiting room on any day of the week would quickly confirm why there’s such a negative mindset out there.  Nine times out of ten, clients are sitting in our offices because they’ve encountered a legal situation that’s just about guaranteed to be nothing more than a long, drawn-out headache.  They’re focused on the day that it will finally be finished so that they can leave it behind them and get on with their lives.

Is that really how it has to be?

Have you ever considered that you could gain big benefits from speaking to your lawyer when there wasn’t even the glimmer of a dispute on the horizon?

Most people don’t give this too much thought.  But the expertise that your lawyer has in being able to both see the big picture as well as fine tuning details means that we’re uniquely positioned to assist you to maximise your opportunities.

Here’s what we believe are 5 compelling reasons why meeting with us before you move too far along the track with any development project could make the world of difference to your plans, opportunities and profits.

Reason #1 – Wrong assumptions can mean lost potential

You’d be surprised at how often a well-meant piece of advice from a non-lawyer can become the pivotal springing point for an entire project.  Other disciplines are not trained to methodically and precisely pick things apart in a way that’s second nature to a lawyer.  Whether it’s the terms of a dealing on title, the interpretation of planning controls or the scope of permissible uses, a chat with your lawyer could give you the solution that you’ve been looking for or even be the trigger for an entirely new concept.

Reason #2 – Why risk being wrong-footed when you could be on the front foot?

An experienced lawyer can apply years of training and experience in solving problems to assess your situation from the opposite angle.  In other words, before anything has gone wrong we can do some effective legal crystal ball gazing to make sure that your project proceeds as smoothly as possible.  This can give you a definite advantage since, instead of having to react on the run to unanticipated situations, you’ll be equipped to deal with whatever arises.  Which means that you’ll be ready to respond on your terms or, better still, avoid the issue altogether.  Which can, of course, mean substantial savings of your time and costs.

Reason #3 – A stitch in time saves deals

It was Abraham Lincoln who famously said: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”.  There’s no denying that focused preparation is an essential key to success in any area and property development is no exception to the rule.  By carefully pinpointing potential pitfalls in the early stages, you can reduce the likelihood of any nasty surprises springing up as your project evolves. You’ll also be far better placed to make informed decisions about critical issues that could impact on the viability of your entire project.

Reason #4 – You don’t know what you don’t know

There’s a reason why lawyers spend so many years at law school followed by even more years of sitting in their offices surrounded by case law, legislation and regulations.  It’s our world.  We’re surrounded by and immersed in it.  Just as you’re at home in your area of expertise, you can benefit from your lawyer’s depth of expert knowledge to add value to your new project.  That’s because we know what to look for in a way that isn’t obvious to someone without legal training.  We’ll use our skills to give you guidance and assist you to set up strategies so that your project can proceed without unnecessary hiccups.

Reason #5 – A custom design is better than an expensive retro-fit

Everyone knows that trying to work backwards with a retro-fit usually means a less than optimum outcome.  And it always means substantial additional expenses that are unavoidable.  It’s important for the viability of any project that all options are identified as early as possible so that designs can be drawn up and selected with certainty.  Because lawyers spend about 95% of their time fixing problems, they’ve almost got a sixth sense about putting their finger on points that would otherwise get overlooked.  Which is going to mean less delays for you and a more direct path to completion of works.

Now that we’ve taken you through our 5 reasons, we hope you can see that there’s more to lawyers than court cases, documents and legislation.  The proof of the pudding is always in the eating which is why we’re proud to say that our developer clients have taken the time to personally thank us for the contribution that we’ve made to the project development process.

Our expert lawyers are here to assist and we can definitely guarantee that your next appointment will be far more satisfying than a visit to the dentist.