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There have been some big changes in law which will effect all local councils, please read these 6 significant items or contact your Hones Lawyers representative so we can explain why these are significant changes.

Costs in S.56A appeals treated the same way as costs in normal Class 1 appeals

The tide on costs in s56A appeals has turned. The Court has recently held that the usual rule, that there be no order as to costs in Class 1 appeals, applies to s56A appeals.
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Case Spotlight 'We Make History'

Hones Lawyers secure the largest fine in NSW LEC history!

Liverpool City Council v Maller Holdings Pty Ltd (No.2) [2015] NSW LEC 48

The Situation

The Defendant, Maller Holdings Pty Ltd, carried on business under the name “Sydney Horse Transport” on and from a property located at Warwick Farm in Sydney. Commencing in the 1960s, various development consents had been granted under relevant environmental planning instruments authorising the use of the property for “stables”.
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