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Land and Environment Court Experts from Hones Lawyers

Hones Lawyers are the experts in Land & Environment matters with 25+ years’ experience of representation in the Land & Environment Court of New South Wales and other relevant courts and tribunals in relation to all aspects of planning and Local Government law.

Our team of land and environment court lawyers act on behalf of councils or private clients – with a 90% success rate. Our clients include developers of all sizes, ranging from small family companies (often first-time developers) to publicly listed companies, high net worth individuals, strata managers, city and regional councils, tenants, architects, town planners, engineers, building consultants, government authorities, and many others needing Land and Environment Court representation.

If combined experience is any guide on how good we are – our lawyers have a combined experience of over a century.

Our Experience in Land and Environment Court Cases

We have successfully appeared in a number of high profile and land mark Land and Environment Court appeals; including challenging the Woolworths Lane Cove shopping centre development to obtaining remediation orders for the largest unlawful contaminated land fill case in NSW history. We act for and against city based and regional councils in a wide range of development and land use matters.

Unlike any other firm, our land and environment court lawyers include qualified town planners and solicitors as well as 2 Law Society accredited specialists in Local Government & Planning Law.

Over the years, our team of lawyers have been involved in 1000’s of Land & Environment Court cases, many of them reported.

We have successfuly taken Land & Environment Court cases to the Court of Appeal as well as the Court of Criminal Appeal (something few other town planning law firms can boast).

We have comprehensive experience in:

  • Class 1 residential development appeals (such as dwellings and dual occupancies)
  • Class 1 development appeals, for developments as diverse as marinas, windfarms, town houses, apartment buildings, boarding houses, affordable housing, seniors living, shopping centres, commercial buildings and many others
  • Appeals concerning Council orders
  • Class 2 appeals and appeals under the Trees (Disputes between Neighbours) Act 2006
  • Class 3 compulsory acquisition/resumption and valuation appeals
  • Class 4 civil enforcement, including challenges to development consents and restraining/injuncting unlawful development
  • Class 5 criminal prosecutions
  • Class 8 mining matters

Land and Environment Court Decisions: 90% Success Rate

We have challenged refusals of development applications, orders issued by Local Councils, unlawfully granted development consents (on behalf of concerned neighbours and resident action groups) with an unrivalled success rate.

Our success in the Land & Environment Court is based on our tenacious attitude towards understanding the case and our client. We have successfully prosecuted every Local Court matter we have been involved in and, as far as we are aware, have obtained the largest fine of its kind in NSW planning history – a fine of $500,000 – for a Local Court.

If you require the help of experienced professionals for a Land and Environment Court case, contact our team today. With over 25 years of experience and a 90% success rate, you can be confident that Hones Lawyers will deliver the desired result for you.

For more information on Land and Environment Court call us on 02 9929 3031.