Specialists in all aspects of Local Government law

We can help with:

  • Issues with Council Development Control Plans and Orders
  • Road access disputes
  • Complaints regarding noise levels from neighbouring properties
  • Advice regarding residential and commercial development applications
  • Subdivision applications

Hones Lawyers has comprehensive experience with local Councils and Local Government law. We understand that Local Government law and practice requires in-depth knowledge of the workings both inside and outside local councils. Our expertise in this area has seen us advise local Councils on matters which are relevant to the functions of a Council under a range of legislation.

Our vast experience in this arena see’s us as the go-to firm for advice on probity issues, access to information, enforcement, governance and compliance issues, tenders, procedural advice and protocol. We have a range of consultant architects, planners, designers and experts who provide our clients with additional advice where required.

Our lawyers have acted in house for a number of Local Government authorities –  as both lawyers and town planners, and we have 2 Law Society accredited specialists in Local Government & Planning Law amongst our ranks.

As a panel firm for 5 local councils we have the depth of experience and proven track record to ensure we can address all aspects of Local Government law.

For more information on Local Government law call us on 02 8999 6115.

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Contact us by phone or using our website enquiry form with information on your matter. Providing enough information in this part of our process will allow us to get back in touch with you regarding your options.

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Whether it’s in person, over the phone or by Skype – this will allow us to ask any questions we might have regarding your matter and will allow us to build a better working relationship.

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At this point we should have enough information in order build a strategy to move forward with (or in some cases, various strategies).