Sergiy D, Mar 2023

I highly appreciate your professionalism, dedication and kindness. I definitely am going to highly recommend your office to my friends or anyone who asks.

J. Samrani, 13 April 2013

We were referred to Jason Hones by our architect for a Land & Environment Court appeal concerning a large block of units we were trying to get approved in Council.

Jason managed the whole appeal process seamlessly – from liaising with our architects to recommending and engaging the necessary consultants and experts. His advice was insightful and correct. By following Jason’s recommended course of action we fast-tracked the approval process and ended up with a development approval in quicker time than had we not appealed.

Jason shows great work ethic and shows great leadership skills. We will definitely use Jason again for any planning and building issues and highly recommend his services.

P. Schlederer, April 2014

We found Jason’s approach to be extremely pragmatic and clearly focused on achieving the desired outcome, but without compromising too easily on peripheral issues. We achieved an excellent result through Jason, but it was only later (after having been ‘encouraged’ to use our main lawyers for a new appeal) did we realise not only how good Jason actually is but also what good value he and his firm represent.

I can, and do, recommend him highly.

J. Cooper, June 2014

Jason and his team have provided accurate, timely and crucial advice in the preparation of the appeals and has acted without reservation in pursuing the best interests of our clients. I continue to refer our clients to his services and am confident in his team’s ability to support their requirements with the same professionalism they have provided in the past.

J. Simmons, November 2015

We have always found Jason to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable in regards to the provisions of this Act and his services have proved invaluable in getting us successful outcomes. We would have no hesitation in recommending Jason to other clients involved with disputes in the construction industry.

Bronwen G., June 2015

Jason has a sound understanding of the issues that relate to environmental and planning law and takes a practical approach to resolving disputes.

His assistance in a matter involving Council was invaluable, providing a prompt and cost-effective resolution to the matter. His solid experience was a key asset.

Wim B., November 2015

When our local council shut down our building site, I went to Jason for help. Jason immediately took charge of the situation. He advised me how to handle our problem and sorted out the legal issues. Jason understands building, he knows the rules and regulations, and he knows everyone we had to deal with.

I happily recommend Jason to anyone who needs a good lawyer.

Aris D., July 2015

We are a property development and advisory company and we use the services of Hones Lawyers for both property and planning matters. We have found that the principal, Jason Hones is a lawyer with a superior level of property and in particular planning law expertise and knowledge. Importantly, Jason provides clear, decisive and responsive advice and has a unique understanding of the commercial realities of property development which separates him from many other property and planning lawyers we have worked with. I can, and do, recommend him highly.

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