Land & Environment Court

What is the Land and Environment Court?

The NSW Land and Environment Court hears appeals and cases relating to environment and planning laws. The Court’s specialist jurisdiction covers merits and judicial reviews, civil enforcement, criminal prosecution, criminal appeals and civil claims involving planning, environmental, land, mining and other legislation.

What orders can the Land and Environment Court make?

The Land and Environment Court deals with civil enforcement and is concerned with restoring compliance with the law, rather than punishing those who break the law.

Orders the Court can make include Declarations (in the case of an Act being breached), Injunctions (restraining orders), Demolition orders and Remediation orders.

How much does it cost to lodge a case at the Land and Environment Court?

A filing fee needs to be paid to the Court before a case is started or an appeal is lodged. This cost depends on the type of case and whether you are an individual or corporation. Hones Lawyers will confirm the amount of the fee before proceedings are started.

Environment & Planning Law

What does Environmental and Planning Law cover?

Our Environmental and Planning Lawyers advise clients on areas such as town planning, development assessment, environment, land access, heritage and compulsory land acquisition and compensation. Matters can be dealt with in court or through other dispute resolution processes.

What's involved in subdividing property?

Subdividing land requires following a strict process for approval and development. The process includes a feasibility assessment, surveys, Development Application with local Council, a Plan of Subdivision, the creation of easements and restrictions and the lodgement of the Deposited Plan for creation of Title documents.

Can I appeal a heritage-listing?

You cannot appeal a heritage listing just because you disagree with the decision to list, however, the validity of the decision can be challenged in the Land and Environment Court if you believe the correct legal process was not followed when making the listing.