If you’ve been issued with a council order, don’t delay or it may be too late


What is a council order?

Local councils have the power to issue orders for many reasons. These include to stop unauthorised work, to cease using premises unlawfully, to demolish or repair a building, to require compliance with a development consent or for the purposes of fire safety. 

Notice that an order will be issued

Other than in some limited situations, the local council must first issue you with a notice informing you that it is intending to issue you with an order. In that notice it must set out the reasons why it is proposing to issue the order. You have an opportunity to make representations to the council to try and persuade it not to issue the order. Hones Lawyers often successfully works with clients to prepare these representations.

Appealing against a council order

If the local council proceeds to issue an order, then it is essential that, unless you are willing to comply and you are able to do so, you must lodge an appeal with the Land and Environment Court within the statutory appeal period. Hones Lawyers has extensive experience in appeals against Council orders and can represent you in this process.

What happens if you do not comply with an order?

If you do not comply with a Council order then you will be guilty of an offence and can be prosecuted. To avoid this happening to you, we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible if you receive either a notice or a council order.

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