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Hones Lawyers Autumn Update

Hones Lawyers Autumn Update

Introducing Tony Moody as the new Special Counsel at Hones Lawyers.

We are ecstatic to introduce a new member to the team, Tony Moody, as Special Counsel. He joins us with ample experience in Town Planning and Planning Law, with a flair for major developments and a taste for golfing and travelling.

Tony has dual qualifications, with a Bachelor of Town Planning from the University of NSW and a Bachelor of Laws degree (Hons) from UTS including a High Distinction in Environmental Studies.

Tony has carried out a range of roles in Town Planning and Planning Law at various stages of his professional career, including roles as Senior Development Control Planner in Local Government, Expert Planning Witness in the Land & Environment Court, Court Appointed Expert and Solicitor.

Not only does Tony enjoy the benefit of extensive experience at Local Government, he has also had extensive experience working for Applicants/Developers.

In his role as a Consultant Planner, Tony was involved in numerous major developments.  Recently, Tony has been involved in the following proposals:

  • Consultant Planner for the approved development at the “Hydro Majestic Hotel” in the Blue Mountains.The Hydro Majestic proposal is a major redevelopment of an Iconic building which had gone into disrepair.  Approval was obtained from Blue Mountains City Council which has recently led to the re-opening of this majestic building as a Hotel destination stay in the Blue Mountains.
  • Expert Witness for Woollahra Council in its successful opposition in the Land & Environment Court against the proposed redevelopments of the Double Bay Marina and Rose Bay Marina.
  • Consultant Planner for Clontarf Marina which obtained approval for redevelopment from the Joint Regional Planning Panel.

Tony is well prepared to support a meritorious development, but is also prepared to oppose an objectionable development. He is known to be very blunt in his advice as to the merits of a proposal because he, like other Solicitors at Hones Lawyers, wish to provide objective and fair assessment as to the likely prospects of success of any proposed development. Tony takes the position that if a proposed development is not acceptable on Planning Merit grounds, he is not prepared to be the Advocate for such a proposal in the Land & Environment Court.

Getting to know Tony

Tony enjoys family life with partner, Louise and two children, Amelia and Michael. He has a wide range of pursuits, with his passions including reading, golf, (unfortunately at a very poor standard, he admits) and travelling with Louise. Some destinations close to his heart include Greece, Turkey, Italy, the British Isles, South East Asia and New Zealand (although he regrets being around too many New Zealanders at the time of the Bledisloe Cup!).

Tony has been involved in a number of charitable events, most particularly working for the Children’s Medical Research Institute. A new charity of importance to Tony is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and he is involved this year in an Annual Charity Golf Day at his home Golf Club in Mt Broughton in the Southern Highlands. On weekends, Tony looks forward to travelling to Louise’s farm at Robertson where Tony would normally undertake labouring duties, particularly weeding of paddocks and cleaning of driveways. The use of farm machinery is certainly beyond Tony’s expertise, he says, but he nonetheless enjoys the menial tasks of weeding the paddocks as he is looked on quizzically by calves and cattle.

Tony is very passionate about his career in Law and is very much looking forward to a longstanding affinity with Hones Lawyers.